Construction Accidents

Construction site accidents often results in serious injuries. At the Chiera Law Group, we understand the complicated law pertaining to these accidents and have the experience to assist you in achieving a successful resolution to your case. Mr. Chiera began his career at a major New York City firm in the Construction Litigation practice group and has over a quarter of a century of experience in this field. He has negotiated with many of the large construction companies in these cases and understands their strategy in the litigation of these types of cases. He will use this experience to obtain for you full compensation for the pain and suffering of these often significant accidents. Whether you or someone you know has fallen from a scaffold or ladder, fallen through an improperly protected opening, been struck by a falling object or tripped and fallen on construction debris, call the Chiera Law Group and allow us to represent you.

Premises Accidents

Trip and Fall/Slip and Fall Accidents

Trip or Slip and Fall accidents have legal requirements that must be met in order to maintain an action to recover damages for the injuries caused. Whether you have fallen on a raised or cracked sidewalk, a substance on the ground, a defective or slippery staircase or hallway, certain areas of proof must be established in order for the injured person to have a chance of success. Early investigation can sometimes be critical to establishing the proof necessary to position the case for the best result. Also speed in bringing the action or claim is very important because often the time to do so may be very short. At the Chiera Law Group, we understand the various actual and constructive notice requirements under the law and will work to develop the proof necessary to establish your claim and recovery. Let the Chiera Law Group represent you should you be injured in a trip/slip and fall accident.

Wrongful Death

Sadly the negligence of someone can result in death. The death could be caused by a failure to diagnose cancer, surgical error, dangerous drug or device, car/truck/motorcycle accident, fall from a height on a construction site, or another negligence act. The impact to the survivors is painful and lifelong. Although nothing can bring back the loved one, the families of the deceased person may be entitled to compensation for the pecuniary losses that will suffer for the loss of the deceased person’s income which they relied, or the loss of services, consortium and guidance of the family member who passed away. Additionally, should the family member have died with a will, or without a will, estate paperwork and proceedings will have to be initiated in the proper courts. At the CHIERA LAW GROUP, we can represent you and be your advocate in holding the negligent person or entity responsible, as well as guide you through the complicated estate filing process. Let us help, support, and represent you should you lose a loved one.


Vehicle Accidents

Automobile Accidents

Every day in the United States there are thousands of automobile accidents. These accidents range from minor fender benders to the total destruction of a vehicle. Drivers and passengers can sometimes sustain horrific injuries. The laws are very specific to these cases and often favor the insurance carriers and even the party who may be at fault. At the Chiera Law Group, we understand the laws pertaining to these accidents and will zealously represent you in your claim for the injuries you have sustained. Insurance companies will often try to get a statement from a person in an accident, before they have an attorney, and the statements given by the injured person may significantly impact their case. Insurance carriers know, as they often have been advised by their lawyers, how to deal with the unrepresented person and have them at a disadvantage. Let us level the playing field by contacting us soon after your accident so that we may represent you and fight these insurance companies and their attorneys.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Some of the most significant injuries occur in cases where a tractor-trailer is involved in the accident. There are many issues that are different than those which apply to a less complex automobile accident such as issues concern the rules and regulations that truck drivers must follow, the amount of rest and sleep they must have, log books and other records that must be obtained, the relationship between the trucking company and owner/ operator and many other concerns that an attorney not familiar with these accidents may not understand. The Chiera Law Group has handled cases where tractor trailers were involved and is ready to assist you. Be advised that many trucking companies have teams ready to be dispatched to an accident scene to gather important early evidence. Therefore, the sooner you contact the Chiera Law Group the better chance we will have of gathering evidence and information which could be critical to your case. Contact the Chiera Law Group now so we get to work on your tractor-trailer accident case now.

Pedestrian Accident

You often read about a driver who lost control of their vehicle and struck and killed a pedestrian who was walking on the sidewalk. Careless drivers who allow themselves to be distracted by cell phone texting or are operating their vehicle negligently have made not only the roadways, but our sidewalks unsafe and dangerous. At the Chiera Law Group, we know that the issues pertaining to a pedestrian accident may be different than a standard automobile accident where two cars are involved. Should you or someone you know be the victim of a pedestrian accident where the driver is known, or even a hit and run accident where the driver did not stay at the scene, call the Chiera Law Group. We are here to help with the no-fault portion of your claim which may pay for your medical bills and to obtain for you full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a great feeling as you navigate the open roads with the fresh air and feelings that one has when riding a bike. However it can also be dangerous. Should you be struck by a car or truck, or be involved in an accident on your motorcycle, be aware that the laws are different than the laws that apply to a car accident. You need attorneys to help you early on to assist in determining how medical bills might be paid, and to bring your claim in the most effective way so that your interests are protected. At the CHIERA LAW GROUP, we can represent you and guide you through this process. Call us should you be injured in a motorcycle accident so that we can help you.


Safety often depends on the proper operation of the trains and subways. Each day, thousands of people travel on trains and subways to get to and from work, visit others and for general transportation. When operated or maintained improperly, catastrophic accidents can occur causing serious injury or death to passengers riding on these trains and subways. Whether the operator used excessive speed around a curve or when approaching a station, failed to apply brakes timely, was inattentive or distracted, or was otherwise negligent, injuries to the passengers who entrusted their safety to these train and subway operators can occur. Here at the Chiera Law Group, we will work hard to hold those at fault accountable for these acts of negligence and provide the legal support required to protect your rights. Let the Chiera Law Group use their legal skills to assist you or your loved one who may have been injured or lost their life in a train or subway accident and provide you with the guidance you need, and the representation you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Most times our doctors and hospitals provide excellent treatment. However, there are times when the actions of our trusted medical providers depart from good and accepted medical practice resulting in negligent care that causes injury to the patient. It can be a failure to render a proper diagnosis, failing to timely diagnosis cancer , surgical mistakes that cause injury, allowing a patient to fall in a hospital setting or contract an infection, prescribing incorrect or dangerous medicines or other medical negligence. The medical negligence can be significant, and cause a prolonged injury or illness, paralysis or death. The distinction between a bad result from medical treatment as opposed to negligence which caused the bad result needs to be examined to determine whether there is a medical malpractice case. Let the Chiera Law Group and the experience we possess in the medical malpractice area assist you in assessing these difficult distinctions. Contact the Chiera Law Group as soon as you suspect that something was not right in the care and treatment of you or someone you know so that we may represent you and protect your rights.

Birth Defects and Injury

Having a baby is one of the most memorable things in the lives of a family. However, medical mistakes can be made that result in significant injury to the fetus in utero, and at the time of the delivery. The means and method of delivery as performed by the doctor can lead to injuries to the baby that will remain for the rest of the child’s life, from shoulder dystocia and damage to limbs, paralysis, and even brain damage. Thought must be given to the long term care of the injured child, the costs of that care, and the problems the child will have due to the negligence of the medical provider. We at the Chiera Law Group sympathize with the sadness that comes as a result of negligence in the pre and post partum care, and delivery of the child, and will work hard to see that those who have caused the injury to the baby will be held responsible and that you and/or your child obtain compensation for the pain and suffering the child will experience as well as for the costs of the long term medical care that may be needed.

Dog Bites

Man’s best friend is not always so friendly. If you have been the victim of a dog bite or attack, the experience can be terrifying and the injuries significant and permanent. The laws controlling dog bite cases may favor the dog owner, and you need an experienced attorney to develop the theories of liability that will give you the best chance of success. At the Chiera Law Group, we have experience in handling these cases, including the investigation required to preserve your potential claim. Contact the Chiera Law Group and let us use our resources in representing you.

Workers’ Compensation


If you are injured in the course of your employment on your job, you are generally entitled to payments through workers’ compensation insurance that is supposed to be maintained by your employer. Compensation would be for loss of earnings and medical bills. Not all job related accidents are workers’ compensation cases, and many may be claims against an outside negligent entity or party that contributed to or caused your injury. At the CHIERA GROUP, we have the experience and insight to analyze your job related accident and give you the advise you need to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim or a claim against a third party. Contact us should you be injured at your job so that we can help you.

Other Areas of Law

Criminal Matters/DWI

Here at the Chiera Law Group we have substantial experience in the area of Criminal Law, handling hundreds of cases each and every year. Whether you have been arrested for a DWI, petit larceny, drug charge or other criminal matter, contact us for effective representation and advise.

Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing or selling a residential or multi-family home, an apartment building, a large commercial building or shopping center, the Chiera Law Group is well versed and prepared to handle the most simple to the more complicated transaction. Contact the Chiera Law Group with confidence to represent you in the purchase or sale of your residential or commercial real estate matter.

Business Purchase/Formation

Examining a business to purchase? Not sure of the type of entity you should operate under, partnership, corporation, LLC? Contact the Chiera Law Group for advise and consultation. We will explain the differences between the business structures to help guide you in your decision. At the Chiera Law Group, we are ready to help you with your business needs.

Business Litigation

Not all business runs smoothly. Sometimes there are disputes and sometimes the disputes become nasty and result in a law suit. No stranger to the Court room, the Chiera Law Group will analyze your claim, whether you are the one considering legal action or have been sued by someone else, and advise you as to the action you should consider and the potential outcomes. We will aggressively represent you in the prosecution of defense of your business litigation claim.


Everyone should have a will and a health care proxy. Without a will, your estate will be controlled by the laws of New York and your property may not go to those who you would have intended. Don’t delay in making your will. Contact the Chiera Law Group and we will assist you in seeing that your wishes for your property distribution are followed. Involved in an estate needs to go through Probate? Here at the Chiera Law Group we can guide you through that complicated process.

Zoning and Land Use

Land use and zoning involves the regulation and use of real estate and property. Zoning is the process where the potential use is addressed and requirements and regulations are set that limit or permit the use. We can help you understand the zoning requirements, and what is needed to have a project approved as well as code compliance which must be adhered to. We will appear before town and zoning boards, as well as planning boards and present your project for approval.