Some of the Results Achieved by Randall Chiera, Esq, in Personal Injury Cases
That Mr. Chiera was Involved in that Were Tried To Verdict or Settled 

$2,000,000 Queens County

In this Medical Malpractice Case the issue was whether failure to diagnose gestational diabetes in the plaintiff was medical malpractice, causing her to have a stroke. This is a case that no attorney at the firm Mr. Chiera was working at wanted to try because of its difficulty but Mr. Chiera asked to try the case. After a trial lasting almost 8 weeks, where the defendant put three medical experts on the stand, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff.

$2,000,000 Queens County

In this Products Liability Case, the allegation was that a defective space heater caused a fire that caused death to an infant. Mr. Chiera assisted in the trial preparation and negotiations in this case, which eventually settled for the Plaintiff.

$1,840,000 Bronx County

In this Premises Liability Case, where carbon monoxide gases leaked from improper venting of a boiler, Mr. Chiera engaged in early investigation, eliminating causation issues that might have been difficult to overcome, and achieved a settlement for the Plaintiff.

$1,240,000 Kings County (Brooklyn)

In this Car Accident Case, Mr. Chiera tried the case to verdict. Defendants fought both liability as well as the severity of the injuries and felt the case had a very small value. After trial, the jury agreed with Mr. Chiera and returned a substantial verdict for the Plaintiff.

$825,000 Queens County

In this Construction Site Accident case, a worker fell over debris at a job site resulting in severe back and knee injuries. The defendants argued that the defect which caused him to fall could not be proven. Mr. Chiera was able to refute these assertions and achieve a successful resolution for the plaintiff after mediation.

$800,000 Bronx County

In the Construction Site Accident case, Mr. Chiera tried the case to verdict against three defendants who refused to settle the case at a reasonable amount. After a three week trial, the jury returned a verdict for the Plaintiff well in excess of defendants’ offers.

$650,000 Kings County (Brooklyn)

In this Construction Site Accident, plaintiff fell from a ladder causing injury to his arm. The case could not be settled and was tried by Mr. Chiera, who achieved a favorable verdict for the plaintiff.

$537,000 Rensselaer County

In this case involving Defective Construction Machinery, plaintiff was killed when a machine he was operating turned over. Mr. Chiera assisted in this case which lasted over 8 weeks in upstate New York. The case eventually went to verdict and after a lengthy multi-day deliberation the jury returned a verdict for the family of the plaintiff.

$510,000 Dutchess County

In this Medical Malpractice Case, plaintiff had a hip replacement which caused her to have a dropped foot. After substantial litigation, the case was settled in favor of the Plaintiff.

$450,000 Westchester County

In this slip and fall in a major supermarket chain where the plaintiff suffered a knee injury, after negotiation and mediation the case was resolved successfully.

$300,000 Westchester County

In this slip and fall case where liability was strongly disputed by the Defendant, the matter was settled to the client’s great satisfaction.

$275,000 New York County (Manhattan)

In the Pedestrian Struck By Car Case, a settlement was reached where an elderly person was killed instantly by a car which struck her while she was crossing a street.

$250,000 Westchester County

In this Medical Malpractice Case, strongly contested by the defendant, Mr. Chiera adjusted the theory of liability close to trial and obtained a successful verdict for the plaintiff where defendants refused to settle the case.

$185,000 Bronx County

In this Premises Liability Case, the plaintiff was severely injured when his landlord used a toxic drain cleaner made for commercial use in his apartment. The case was further complicated by the death of the plaintiff unrelated to the negligence. On the eve of trial, the case was settled favorably for the plaintiff. 


(Note that this is only a sample of the many cases that Mr. Chiera has been involved in through his over 25 years as an attorney.
Remember that all cases are different and these results are not indicative of what you might recover in your case.
Some results may have been increased for death interest or reduced for comparative negligence)